Top 10 hugely hydrating foods
Top 10 hugely hydrating foods – Image by Luisella Planeta Leoni from Pixabay

Top 10 hugely hydrating foods

You most probably heard that you should drink lots of water each day. Some specialists go as far as recommending 8 glasses of water per day and even more! Can you imagine drinking that much water per day? Each day every day! It is really hard! I know, trust me, I tried! But!.. Fortunately, you can hydrate yourself with something else!

Of course, water is still the number one H2O source (doh!) but, if you eat healthy food, you can get around 20% of your water intake from solid food. Yup, you guessed! I am talking about fruits and vegetables!

#1 – Cucumber (cherries coloring sheet)

Cucumber is renowned for having a up to 96.7% water content! You can eat it raw, in salads, or you can mix it with nonfat yogurt, ice cubes, or blend it with other veggies in a raw vegan soup! It’s fast and easy to make. To me, it takes a maximum of 10 minutes to make a yummy raw food soup.

#2 – Iceberg lettuce

This one has a water content of 95.6%! I use iceberg lettuce for my sandwiches and it tastes great! Try it out!

#3 – Celery

Celery has a water content of 95.4%! It is also very low in calories! It has 6 calories per stalk. It is also important to mention that celery contains folate and vitamins A, C, and K! So, eat it! Another interesting thing about celery is that it is really good for stomach acid. It is known as a natural remedy for heartburn and acid reflux.

#4 – Radishes

Small and red, they have a 95.3% of water content. I very much enjoy them in salads.

#5 – Tomatoes

Tomatoes contain 94.5% water. I love to drink raw tomato juice and I also use tomatoes in my raw soups. They have a very pleasant taste.

#6 – Peppers

Red, green or any other color! They are tasty and very healthy! Their water content is 93.9%.

#7 – Cauliflowers

These ones have a water content of 92.1%! Have you ever drink cauliflower juice? I did! It doesn’t taste really good but it is definitely good for your health! Try it out!

#8 – Watermelons

I had the impression that these ones should be number one but.. they didn’t even made it into the top 10. Anyways, watermelons have a water content of 91.5%. They are my favorite! When it is their time… my tummy is really big! I can’t stop eating..

#9 – Spinach

Remember Popeye the sailor man? Yup, he is famous for eating a lot of spinach. Spinach has a water content of 91.4% and it is really good in green smoothies! I highly recommend it. Spinach is rich in lutein, potassium, fiber, and brain-boosting folate, and just one cup of raw leaves contains 15% of your daily intake of vitamin E, an important antioxidant.

#10 – Berries

Yup, berries are also great in smoothies, they alone or in combinations! They have a water content of 91.0%. Red strawberries are awesome but raspberries and blueberries also both have around 85% water content, while blackberries have around 88.2% of water.

So.. this is our top 10! Go ahead and try them out! Your imagination is the only limit! You can enjoy them separately, in combination, as smoothie, salad or even soup.

Top 10 hugely hydrating foods Bon appetit!